Highlife Homes is more than just a builder.  We are a full service building and development team assisting developers of all experience levels with their projects, helping to ensure a smooth, enjoyable and of course profitable journey from concept to completion.

In addition to designing and building exquisite homes and developments, we also take care of your pre-build and post-build requirements, including sales by Highlife Sales.

Below is a list of all of the services that Highlife Homes and Highlife Sales can help you with.

Once you have found a site that you are interested in purchasing or if you already have a site that you own, you can contact our lovely client manager.  With just the site address we can look in to the site’s viability and what you can build on there (quantity of units, size and height) as well as any limitations of the site (eg. building envelopes, slopes, setbacks, sewer lines and connections, being in a flood zone etc).

Once we know what you can build on the site we can also run your project through our in-depth feasibility  to help ensure all costs have been accounted for in your development.

We are true proponents of having a clear vision of the design aesthetic and how you want purchasers to feel when they see the homes, right from the outset.  This is why, before we prepare a concept design, you will meet with our interior designer and building designer to discuss a design vision for the project as well as the various building features and inclusions the homes should have (eg. number of stories, bedrooms and bathrooms, ceiling heights, pool or no pool, etc.).

Our interior designer will then create a design vision document for you with various images of finishes, colours and inclusions, taking into account the location of the home, current interior trends, modern colour schemes and market performance.

With a design vision in hand, our expert building designer will work closely with our creative interior designer to masterfully craft a floor plan and facade design that is both beautiful and functional.

Our team spend a lot of time reviewing the layout and design choices to get the most optimal design and make the best use of the construction budget. We want to provide the best product possible for homeowners, while staying within the assigned development budget.

The building deisgner, interior deisgner, builder, and sales agent, and all involved in this process.

Before lodging for Development Approval, there are usually a number of documents and plans that we need to pull together for a seamless application.  Our town planner will tell us what documents will be required for the application, which is dependent on the site location and size of the development.  This is usually DA plans (an extended version of your concept design), a statement of landscape intent, engineering services report, stormwater management plan, flood assessment, acoustic report and traffic management plan, though not all of these may be needed.

We will liaise with all of the professional services to pull this together for you, ready for the application.  By working with our trusted professional services team, who are used to working together, we can ensure the most seamless application to Council, with as minimal pushback from Council as possible.

Once we have received Development Approval for your project we will move forward to full working drawings for construction.  We will also obtain structural engineering drawings and any other additional detailed plans required to prepare a build quotation for you.

This may include OPW documentation for civil works, OPW documentation for landscaping, a more detailed acoustic report for construction, etc.

When the time comes we will also lodge for Building Approval, demolition approval and other operational works approvals for you, ready for construction.

Based on the design vision and also the working drawings, our interior design will get to work selecting all of your beautiful finishes.  Once complete you will then meet with her so see samples and go through all of the selections to see how they tie in with your overall design vision.

Our interior designer is able to navigate the many options available in each aspect of the home and will make selections based on the chosen aesthetic, market desirability and demand, practicality for home owners and budget.

Highlife Homes will take care of the full construction scope, including civil works, NBN establishment, pools and more.  Our construction team, made up of a construction manager and several site supervisors, will take very good care of your project out on site, as though it were their own.  You will be welcomed on site every three weeks for meetings to discuss progress, upcoming works and anything else of relevance.

We pride ourselves on hand selecting only the best trades who provide not only good quality workmanship, but also good follow up service and who are just all-around lovely people.

If you have any questions about the above services, please get in touch with our friendly team by emailing build@highlifehomes.com.au or calling 07 5535 5609.

After preparing all of your plans and internal finishes, no one will know the homes better than Highlife Homes to prepare your marketing materials.  We take all of the information regarding internal inclusions and finishes, internal and external colours and the overall design vision aesthetic to prepare all marketing materials ready for sale including, but not limited to:

  • Accurate render images
  • A visual finishes schedule for purchasers
  • Signage
  • Property styling on completion
  • Photography on completion

All of this is managed through our sister company Highlife Sales.

Our affiliated company Highlife Sales can tend to your property sales right from the beginning.  They specialise in off-the-plan sales, preparing all necessary materials for these early sales, but can also manage sales beyond completion of the project.

Being connected to Highlife Homes, they have inside knowledge to be able to answer all potential purchase enquiries, show buyers the beautiful finishes samples and nurture them with monthly updates throughout the build process as they eagerly await their new home.

Another big benefit to selling through Highlife Sales is that potential purchasers are welcomed to have a walk through of another project that is either complete or nearing completion to be able to see Highlife Homes’ level of quality first-hand.

Visit Highlife Sales here.

If Highlife Sales is managing your sales, we also organise a nice handover for all buyers at their convenience upon settling.  Someone from the Highlife Homes or Highlife Sales team will take them through their home, show them through their handover box, which includes keys, remotes, warranty documents and care information, and make sure they are happy and all ready to move in.

Highlife Homes also offers excellent post-sale service for buyers, with our client manager and maintenance manager tending to any maintenance requests in a timely manner.

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