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The Highlife Story

Led by husband-and-wife team James and Elyse George, Highlife creates beautiful property developments in the most beloved beachside suburbs of the Gold Coast.

What began as a humble renovation company in 2012, has since evolved into a well-established highly-respected property brand on the Gold Coast. The now-development company, are known for their meticulous attention to detail in construction, and their heart-centred approach to running businesses.

In everything they do, James and Elyse hold to their manifesto: to never stop learning, growing and expanding towards the best version of yourself and everything you create.

The Highlife History

When James George was just eight years old, he walked out onto his uncle’s building site, smelt the timber and thought “this is where I belong”.

From building out of lego and building blocks as a young child, and then crafting furniture as a teenager, it was obvious that building was his destiny.

James completed studies in civil engineering before spending the next decade of his career mastering the art of carpentry. The next step to take his craftsmanship to the next level, was to become a master builder.

At this time, James met Elyse, a young filmmaker. They shared dreams of greatness; of bringing something valuable to the world and creating a legacy. In 2012, Highlife Homes the construction company, was born from James’ passion for building, Elyse’s passion for all things creative, and their shared love for design and community.

Thanks to James’ high-quality workmanship, Highlife Homes quickly became one of the most well-respected builders on the Gold Coast, with James awarded Master Builder’s Rising Star Award in the company’s fourth year in business. The company grew from renovations, to luxury homes and developments, in just a few years.

With an undeniable passion for their work, and a strong community spirit, the inspiring couple soon attracted the best trades, consultants and professionals.

Their growing success led to a natural expansion of the company, allowing them to not only build every project, also put their personal stamp on design, and then in 2016, into real estate sales. By the end of 2022 they were exclusively producing their own development projects.

This allowed James and Elyse to ensure their standard of design, quality and caring, was upheld in every element of the property development process and every touch point with homeowners.

Behind the scenes, James and Elyse are a true reflection of their brand’s glowing reputation. Purchasing their headquarters in Burleigh Heads in 2020 and turning it into not only a beautiful home-like working space, but also a community hub for their staff and families, with regular events to bring everyone together.

We are very proud to be one of the most reputable and well-respected building companies on the Gold Coast.


At the heart of our business from the start, has been a mission to “build homes like you would build them for your own mother”. In other words, for our property development process to give every project the care, love and detail you would for someone you love and respect.

Shared success is of great importance to us in order to develop strong professional relationships that are genuine. If our sellers, developers, associated companies, trades and suppliers, and new homeowners succeed, we too succeed.

We are constantly working to innovate in our designs, to curate homes that are unique and have their own sense of character but that will also remain stylish for years to come. Fashion is now, but beauty is eternal, and this is always top of mind in our designs. We try not to lean too much into what’s trending and instead focus on the art of design.

As Gold Coast property developers, our passions drive us and continue to evolve our business, services, and homes.

Highlife Homes is a full-service project manager and builder for an exclusive group of developers.

We do a lot and we do it very well, including:

Highlife Sales is an exclusive real estate sales company devoted to assisting buyers to purchase a Highlife home, support them through the off-the-plan process, and take care of them after they move in.


We handpick people to join our team that are not only super talented, efficient and craftsmen in their respective fields, but who also have incredibly good character and integrity.

Over the last decade we have expanded our team to an incredibly loyal group of people that love the Highlife community and the values that we stand for, which is very important to us. Our team are very much an extension of who we are as people and how we choose to approach life: with self-awareness, humility, positive thinking, purpose, and authenticity.

Across all our companies, we continually adapt and improve operational systems and software to ensure a seamless property development process and smooth sales processes at all times. We are committed to mentoring our management staff in leadership to ensure the production of high-quality work in the most effective, efficient and positive way. We invest in team development and converse with our team on our vision, values, goals, achievements and general business growth, so that everyone is aligned with that same vision.

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