A New Home in 6 Simple Steps

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1. Give us a call!

No matter whether you have a block ready or not, we can help you begin the new home process. We get calls from people every day at different starting stages, some have nothing but the dream of owning a brand new home, some have a block, some have a creative vision and some have preliminary plan drawings. We can help you from wherever you’re at!

Our client manager is always happy to meet with you about your upcoming project and help you create a vision, or bring your own vision to life.

If you don’t have a block and you’re fresh to the home building process, we can help steer you in the right direction so you get the right block for your budget and to fit with the home you’d like to build.

Here’s some considerations:

  • The build cost on a sloping block may be slightly higher, but you may be able to get a better priced sloping block with a far better aspect or quieter location.
  • Consider where the easements are on your land. The location and size of a house’s footprint will be greatly affected by easements.

2. Let's bring your ideas to life

Once you’ve selected the ideal site for your home, it’s time to consider the overall look and feel of your home and create a full design brief.

Want your very own interior designer?

Well that’s what you get when you custom build with Highlife Homes – an interior design professional who can help bring all your ideas together into a cohesive sleek home design. All you need to do is bring us that folder or ipad that’s bursting with your favourite colours, styles, external features, preferred floor plans AND those absolute ‘can’t live without’ things that you’d love to see in your new home.

The Highlife Homes design team are innovative, flexible and switched-on to the latest trends and materials hitting the market right now. All rooms, open spaces and overall layout are tailored to you and your family, making for the ultimate daily living experience.  The only limit at this stage is your imagination and final budget.

3. Pricing

Once your concept has been developed, we will be able to provide you with an preliminary unquoted price for your new home.  If you are happy with the price we can move on to creating your architectural drawings and a fully quoted final price for your home, all inclusive.

4. Making it official

Paperwork – not quite as much fun as shopping will be but a necessary part of the building process, and a part of the process we try to make as easy as possible while making sure you understand each and every part of the documents.

After we have prepared your final price, we are ready to make our budding relationship official.

The building contract used by Highlife Homes is prepared by the Queensland Master Builders Association and is accepted by banking corporations and lending bodies.

On signing the agreed documents, this is where we ask for a 5% deposit which goes towards council approved plans, home warranty insurance and service levies required for construction approval and certification.

Our building contract is a promise to you that we will build a quality home to the agreed specifications, on time and to the agreed price. Unless anything changes after the contract signing, there are no hidden costs or charges to you, only what is stated on the contract.

5. Let's go shopping

Now that you have the design locked and loaded, the fun part begins. Shopping! And with your own personal shopper no less!

Your Highlife Homes colour consultant is an experiences interior designer with plenty of experience and heaps of knowledge in the latest trends.

She will go shopping with you for your selections and will be there to offer as much or as little input as you’d like. She will be there to help you combine colours and textures, introduce you to new trends and be a guiding light of inspiration to help you get that look of luxury that is uniquely yours.

We ask you to set aside a full day for shopping and selections as there is lots to go through!

At the end of this process, you’ll really start to see your home coming together. It is no longer a drawing on a piece of paper… it is colour, fabric, texture, tiles chrome finishes!

Once you’re happy with you’re selections we will make any necessary adjustments to your inclusions and your pricing and move from design to creation.

6. Dream home creation

It’s time to sit back and watch your dreams become reality. Before the first excavator enters your home site, you will be feeling relaxed and excited. You will know that Highlife Homes will build a great home and stay in touch throughout the process (communication is key).

Our on site team and foreman have been hand-picked because of their skills, reliability and their high-quality workmanship. They will ensure each element of your home upholds our great standard of quality and this will be overseen by our builder at every stage.

Highlife Homes is a company created by a love of building and people and at the core of our values are honesty and integrity. We give you the best of ourselves and our employees, and we are up front with you at all times.

Want to see some of the dream homes we have already made into a reality?

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Not all homes are built equally! Compare ‘apples with apples’ with our simple quote inclusions checklist so that you can ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

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