Site Induction - Safety Policies
Before commencing work on any Highlife Homes construction site, please complete and sign the following induction form.
1. I have been introduced to the site supervisor and I have their contact details.
2. I know where the site box is and am aware the site box contains a first aid kit, site evacuation plan, site plans, site health & safety management plan, and builder’s contact details.
3. A copy of my safety card has been sent to the builder or shown to site supervisor.
4. My tools are tagged and current.
5. I have sighted, read and understood the Site Health & Safety Management Plan.
6. An induction has been carried out by the site supervisor specifying the locations of the following:
    a. Fresh water
    b. Lunch area
    c. Toilet amenities
    d. First aid facilities
    e. Emergency assembly area
7. I have not and will not consumed alcohol above the driving limit within 12 hours prior to work on site nor drugs (legal or illegal) that may impair cognitive function have not been consumed within 72 hours prior to work on site.
8. I have my own protective equipment and agree to wear protective equipment on site when required.
9. I understand and agree that no children or pets are permitted on site.
10. I agree to use equipment, machinery and tools with the utmost safety and care.
11. I agree to report any, even minor, incidences or injury to the site supervisor or builder within 24 hours of occurrence.
12. I agree to not alter, move or take apart any scaffolding, void platform, edge protection of similar safety system, under any circumstances.
13. I agree not to cause any hazards to others on site.
14. I agree to report any unidentified hazards.
15. I agree to leave the worksite clean and tidy after finishing work each day, and dispose of any rubbish appropriately. Mess left behind from trades will be cleaned up and on-charged if not cleaned up at the end of the day.
16. I have been made aware of electrical safety precautions, any pits and opening on site.
17. I have been made aware of fire prevention procedures.
18. I have submitted my required licence information to Highlife Homes.
19. I have submitted my safe work method statement to Highlife Homes.
20. I have been made aware of scaffolding and ladders on site.
21. I have been made aware of any restricted access areas.
22. I have sighted the Chemical Register, chemical storage and Safety Data Sheets (SDS)provided by Highlife Homes.
23. I have the SDS and storage available for any chemicals I am using, whether provided by Highlife Homes or myself as a subcontractor.
24. I will act professional and respectful at all times, whilst being conscious of those on site and neighbouring properties especially in regards to the use of offensive language and volume of radios etc.
25. I will comply with all currently applicable COVID-19 regulations & restrictions.
Under the Accident Compensation Act, Highlife Homes are obligated to understand any pre-existing medical / health issues that may need addressing during your employment.
I declare that all the information that I have provided on this form is true and correct. Whilst I am on this site I will hold in highest regard the safety of myself and others. I will notify the builder immediately if I identify any potential dangers or if there is any accident no matter how small. It has been explained and I have understood my obligation to comply with all Highlife Homes’ procedures, policies and construction safety plan. I understand that failure to comply may result in the refusal to commence work, cessation of work in progress or removal from site. In signing this induction record I acknowledge to perform all my activities in accordance with relevant Occupational Health & Safety Legislation, Codes of Practice and Standards.