Are you looking for a builder who is experienced in building residential developments up to 12 dwellings?

Do you want a builder with a proven track record of successful and profitable development projects?

Highlife Homes is the townhouse and duplex builder to go to for all of your development needs on the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast. Our in-house development team is knowledgeable and, most importantly, experienced in building successful and profitable investment projects.


The Development Process

There’s so much more involved in a development than construction.

Highlife Homes has personally done multiple developments from duplex to 12 townhouses in both QLD and NSW.

When we work with developers, we go above and beyond the role of a builder. Because we have personal and professional experience building and selling residential developments, we are therefore happy to offer as much (or as little) insight and knowledge on the process as you require.

Highlife Homes can assist you with the whole process, from the very beginning feasibility, zoning and design process right through construction to info on marketing, strata titles, body corporate, and property styling. Our clients attest to our smooth process and our knowledgeable support team.

Case Study

In 2018 we completed a 4 townhouses in Coolangatta for Michelle and Brad Cassidy. After completing a successful development project with Highlife Homes, Michelle shares her experience with us.

Why Develop?


Investing in property has historically been an excellent and stable investment choice. The Gold Coast is consistently adding approximately 20,000 people every year,  and this shows no sign of letting up. As such, the city is a great place to consider developing property, for both immediate and long term benefits. So what can you gain as a residential developer?

Capital Growth

This is if you plan on keeping the development over a period of time and perhaps renting in the interim. Capital growth is when you see an increase in value over time

Immediate Return on Investment

If you plan on selling your townhouses at a profit immediately after the completion of construction you can make immediate profit.

Passive Income

If the property is positively geared, not only will you gain capital growth over time, but you will also gain a passive income from the rent which is great.


If you have a mortgage for your investment, this is when the value of your property becomes more than what you owe on the mortgage – this difference in value is then potentially usable for another investment.