Hi, It’s great to meet you!

Let us introduce you to the excellent team at Highlife Homes.

As a luxury home and townhouse builder, it’s important to us that our team is knowledgeable and highly skilled. We are also lucky enough to have a team that is passionate about building and customer service, and are just all round great people.

Below are our main team members (our superheroes!) who work closely with our building designer, interior designer, subcontractors, suppliers, and council, to make each and every project a great success! You will get to know us all very well when you work with Highlife Homes.

But why not take a moment to get to know us a little bit now…

James George

James George

Builder / Director

About James...

Years in the industry: 20

Proudest work achievement to date: Being recognised for my work, winning Rising Star Builder at the Master Builder’s awards.

Proudest personal achievement to date: Moving to the Gold Coast with my beautiful partner, starting up Highlife Homes and growing it into the great company it is today.

Personal interests: Traveling, spending time in nature, particularly the ocean, motorbiking, ancient architecture.

Can’t live without…Coffee! and adventure.

Elyse Hickey

Elyse Hickey

Property Development / Real Estate

About Elyse...

Proudest work achievement to date: With James, growing Highlife Homes to what is today. And doing some awesome developments.

Proudest personal achievement to date: Travelling to Uganda at 19 to teach storytelling and filmmaking in refugee camps.

Favourite quote: With a creative mind, everything is possible and nothing is unsolvable!

Personal passions: Natural health, reading, learning, travelling, philosophy, avocado on toast.

Can’t live without…creativity.

Graeme Bird

Graeme Bird

Site Supervisor

About Graeme...
Years in the industry: 20

Proudest work achievement: Recognition of winning two Master Builder awards, for luxury homes built under my supervision.

Proudest personal achievement: Receiving a National Bravery Award from UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair.

Quote to live by:
Think good thoughts, say nice things, everything comes back .

Personal passions: Personal growth, connecting with nature and exploring new places.

What you love about Highlife Homes: The team synergy. I read great quote that says “Surround yourself with these 5 people: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful, and the open-minded.” I think this perfectly describes the team at Highlife Homes.

Can’t live without…Making the most of life and everything it has to offer with family and friends

Megan Hickey

Megan Hickey

Client Liaison

About Megan...
Proudest Highlife Homes work achievement to date: Implementing our online system Buildertrend, which allows us to manage all of our projects seamlessly and allows our clients to see their project online.

A favourite personal milestone: Moving from Perth to the Gold Coast with my partner is one of the best things I ever did. The lifestyle, nature and community here is second to none.

Quote you live by: “As you think, so shall you be”

Personal passions: Nutrition, travel, fashion, reading and learning.

What you love about Highlife Homes: The people! Everyone is so positive and truly enjoys what they do. We are like a family. I also love how much James cares about the homes he builds, and the clients.

Can’t live without…fresh cut flowers – they bring joy and beauty to any room of the house.

Emma Hudson

Emma Hudson

Estimator / Project Coordinator

About Emma...

Proudest work achievement to date: When we won 2 Master Builder’s awards in 2016.

Favourite quote: If you are not happy about your life or your circumstances…. do something about it

Personal passions: Travelling, new adventures and ticking off the bucket list!

What you love about Highlife Homes: Great people to work with and great working environment.

What you love about your role at Highlife Homes: Every day and every job is different.

Can’t live without…chocolate.

Melissa Goedhart

Melissa Goedhart


About Melissa...

Quote you live by: Love always protects, Love always trusts, Love always hopes, Love always perseveres, Love never fails.

In my spare time I love to: Spend time on the beach, camping, hiking and investing in my family and the local community

What you love about Highlife Homes: I love the values that the company operates by and enjoy the team of genuine, caring and passionate people we get to work with.

What you love about your role: I enjoy the responsibility of being organised and efficient in my role as well as contributing within a team to get things done.

Can’t live without: The support of my husband and my network of people in my wider community.



Team Support

About Axel...
Favourite quote: “My life is a constant battle between my love for food and not wanting to get fat”

Personal passions: Getting pats, food, sleeping, playing ‘find the face’.

What you love about Highlife Homes: Getting pats all day, lots of attention, lots of love.

*Unfortunately, our beloved Axel is no longer with us.