Development Types

There are many ways we can approach the development of your block – townhouses, units, apartments, rear strata, and duplex building. If you have a block of land and some ideas (or even no ideas) then get in contact with us and we will be happy to arrange a site assessment between you and our builder to see if your block is feasible for development and what kind of development we could build there.

Side by Side

When a block of land is wide split down the middle, a side by side strata development is ideal. A side by side development would suit a block with street frontage of around 25 metres but check with Highlife Homes because every council (and sometimes each area within each council) has different minimum frontage requirements. With a side by side development both homes have street presence – which makes them both attractive to buyers – and there is no need for a long driveway down one side. Highlife Homes know how to make even the narrowest of blocks work beautifully so speak to us about developing a concept plan for the block you have in mind.

Rear Strata

Otherwise known as a house-behind-house, a rear strata is a  simple subdivision that allows you to turn a block into two blocks with one house behind the other is called a rear strata. A rear strata will require a driveway beside the front house. Highlife Homes can design one specifically for your block, your budget and your development purposes. It may even be something you are thinking of doing to your own personal home if you have enough free land space at the back and side of your block.

Triplex/Duplex Building

Have a large lot that can be split into 2 or 3 sites? Highlife Homes has successfully built and sold duplex sites and we can help you do the same. If your block shape is not suited to a side by side or rear stata development, duplex building is a great option to consider. Duplex building can be quite affordable and  bring great investment returns. Your block may even be suitable for a triplex, which offers the benefit of a lower building cost per dwelling/unit. Be sure you get the title structure right if you are developing a triplex or duplex – we can look into this for you.


Highlife Homes is experienced in building multi-unit developments, for clients and for personal investments.  For this reason, we are more than a builder to developers, we are a development partner that offers more than just construction, but also help with the process from start to finish. For more information on the process and what we offer click here.

If you have a larger block, and your zoning is favourable, investing in a multi-unit development could be very rewarding. The costs are higher and the time it takes may be longer, but with the right sales price, the return on an investment like this can be fantastic. For more information get in contact with us.















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