Developments Made Easy

We love working with success-oriented property developers to build great projects across the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

It’s a pleasure for us to offer our workmanship and our knowledge to help people succeed. And it’s even more wonderful when we can build long-term relationships and friendships with our developers, and continue building great projects long into the future.

The Process

Having done a number of developments ourselves, we go above and beyond the role of a builder. We support our clients right from the land procurement stage with guidance on zoning and viability of land for development, the feasibility of the project and understanding development costs, right through the thoughtful design process to construction and then on to marketing and sales strategies, property styling, strata and registering new titles.

With our development super-team we have the resources, knowledge, experience and skills to offer as much (or as little) help as you desire.

“The great thing working with Highlife Homes is they partner with you, and they’re looking after the project as if it’s their own, and that’s really fantastic.

The easiest development I’ve ever done.”

Case Study

In 2018 we completed a 4 townhouses in Coolangatta for Michelle and Brad Cassidy. After completing a successful development project with Highlife Homes, Michelle shares her experience with us.

“We knew we were in good hands. Not only are they highly professional individuals, and excellent at craftsmanship, they’re actually great people.

They’re young, they’re energetic and they’re creative, and so that inspired me also being a young business person.”

Why Develop?


Investing in property has historically been an excellent and stable investment choice. The Gold Coast is consistently adding approximately 20,000 people every year,  and this shows no sign of letting up. As such, the city is a great place to consider developing property, for both immediate and long term benefits. So what can you gain as a residential developer?

Capital Growth

This is if you plan on keeping the development over a period of time and perhaps renting in the interim. Capital growth is when you see an increase in value over time

Immediate Return on Investment

If you plan on selling your townhouses at a profit immediately after the completion of construction you can make immediate profit.

Passive Income

If the property is positively geared, not only will you gain capital growth over time, but you will also gain a passive income from the rent which is great.


If you have a mortgage for your investment, this is when the value of your property becomes more than what you owe on the mortgage – this difference in value is then potentially usable for another investment.

Simple From Start to Finish


Because we are an experienced duplex and townhouse development builder, we offer as much (or as little!) knowledge and assistance as you’d like to create the most successful development project possible. Your success is our success and we would love to have you as a client for life, continuing to grow your portfolio of awesome residential development projects with us.


Where & What to Build

Working out whether you can develop on your land starts with knowing your zoning and the size of your block.  It is important to know the zoning of your block because these regulations will dictate what you can build on your block of land. If you haven’t got a block of land and are very specific about what you want to build then you will need zoning information to find the right block to suit your development type.

If you’re working with the Highlife Homes development team, we’ll help you find this information and review it with you. We can explain any relevant issues – items such as existing services, easements, demolition requirements, earthwork and soil issues, and the interests of authorities. The aspect, elevation and accessibility will also impact on your subdivision and plans. As an experienced development builder we can make you aware of these aspects.

We can help you determine what kind of development you can build on your land and how to optimise the land while still staying within council requirements. We have fantastic industry professionals to help with your development approvals and determine whether your ideas are practical and achievable.

Choosing Your Development

There are many ways we can approach the development of your block – townhouses, units, apartments, rear strata, and duplex building. If you have a block of land and some ideas (or even if you have no ideas!) then get in contact with us and we will be happy to arrange a meeting between you and our development builder to see if your block is appropriate for the building of townhouses and what kind of development we could build there.

Side by Side
With a side by side development both homes are separate and have street presence – which makes them both attractive to buyers. A side by side development would suit a block with street frontage of around 25 metres. Highlife Homes knows how to make even the narrowest of blocks work beautifully so speak to us about developing a concept plan for the block you have in mind.
Rear Strata
Otherwise known as a house-behind-house, a rear strata is a simple subdivision that allows you to turn a block into two blocks with one house behind the other. A rear strata will require a driveway beside the front house.
Duplex or Triplex
Have a large lot that can be split into 2 or 3 sites? Highlife Homes has successfully built and sold duplex sites and we can help you do the same. If your block shape is not suited to a side by side or rear strata development, duplex building is a great option to consider. Duplex building can be quite affordable and bring great investment returns. Your block may even be suitable for a triplex, which offers the benefit of a lower building cost per dwelling/unit.
Highlife Homes is experienced in building multi-unit townhouse developments. If you have a larger block, and your zoning is favourable, investing in a multi-unit development could be very rewarding. The costs are higher and the time it takes may be longer, but with the right sales price, the return on an investment like this can be fantastic!


Feasibility: Knowing Your Costs

There are many costs involved in a development. You will need to calculate all of your costs so that you know what you need to sell or rent them for in order to get your find out if this development is profitable.

Here are some of the costs you need to factor in to your project:

  • Land Purchase, Land Transaction Costs and Holding Costs
  • Construction Cost
  • Town Planner
  • Development Application and Council Fees
  • Infrastructure Charges
  • Civil Costs
  • Legal Costs
  • Surveying
  • Title Registration
  • Real Estate Agent Fees & Marketing Costs
  • Interest on your Loan
  • Strata Costs

Will You Sell or Rent?

Have you confirmed your expected sales prices with a real estate agent?

There are great free resources online these days to figure out what your properties might sell for. Jump on Domain or RealEstate.com.au and look at what similar properties are selling for or have sold for.

You can also see what level of competition there is. Are there a lot of homes on the market? Are there a lot of brand new homes or vacant lots for building available?

Are there a lot of lifestyle aspects in the suburb to warrant the price you want to sell for (e.g. cafes, shops, schools, parks, beaches)? If your research shows that you can easily make a handsome profit, awesome! If not, it might be a good idea to consider doing the project in a different area, or consider down-scaling the project to fit with the market.

If you plan on holding on to part or all of the development for a rental return, consider whether it is positively geared (meaning that you will be able to charge a rent that is higher than your loan repayments on the property) or if it is negatively geared (meaning that your repayments will be more than the rent but you can pursue capital growth over the long term instead). Make sure you speak to real estate agents  to find out your potential rental yield. We have a great real estate agent as part of our central team to help ensure all projects appeal to the market and are feasible for the expected market value on completion.

While not our preferred method of property investing, if you do want to invest in a negatively geared project you are going to want to do as much research as possible to ensure that you will gain capital growth over time. How have other properties in the area performed over the past 10 years? Has the median house price of the area increased over the last 10 years? What lifestyle aspects are going to be developed in the area over the next 5-10 years (e.g. cafes, shopping centres, transport, parks, schools, childcare centres)?


Design & Construction

Once it is determined that the site is fit for your development, the prospective profit is great, and you know your finance capacity, then we can get started! We are able to design a great set of homes and confirm the build price.

We can also assist you in tailoring the design to suit the market and ensure easy saleability. As an investor, it is important to be practical about design decisions and make choices based on appeal to the market. While some elements may be worth investing in (stone benchtops, timber floors) others are not necessarily going to be worthwhile depending on the market you are appealing to and the area you are building in. We work very closely with you in the design stage to get the cost vs market value ratio just right. This is integral to a successful project. 

With all of your inclusions selected we can prepare a detailed build quotation for you. Once complete, we’ll review it with you in incredible detail, and assist you to make any changes. Once approved, we will prepare your contract for you. The building contract used by Highlife Homes is prepared by the Queensland Master Builders Association and is accepted by banking corporations and lending bodies.

Then we enter the truly exciting part, as your vision becomes a reality and we bring your development to life! You will have fortnightly site visits with our project manager to ensure everything is going smoothly and you are happy with the progress, the build, and our customer service. And you will have access tour online system Buildertrend from start to finish for progress photos, all of your change orders, selections and messages.


    Sale & Handover

    During construction you can prepare for the sale of your developments. Here are some of the things that may be on your list:

        • Get internal and external render images done for marketing
        • Get floor plans drawn up for marketing
        • Prepare your sales strategy
        • Enlist a body corporate manager
        • Get your solicitor to draw up an off-the-plan contract

    In the final stages of the build we’ll help you get the ball rolling on your surveying, document preparation, council inspections etc. for plan sealing and title registration. Generally your titles will be registered by the DNRME a few weeks post-construction.

    Once construction of the properties is finished we will hand over the properties to you, complete with home maintenance manuals for each dwelling. We even do a great celebratory handover for each person that purchases your new homes upon completion. It’s just as exciting for them as it is for all of us so we like to make a fuss!