Building & Developing With Highlife Homes

We love working with success-oriented property developers to build great projects across the Gold Coast and Tweed Coast.

It’s a pleasure for us to offer our workmanship and our knowledge to help people succeed. And it’s even more wonderful when we can build long-term relationships and friendships with our developers, and continue building great projects long into the future.

The Process

Having done a number of developments ourselves, we go above and beyond the role of a builder. We support our clients right from the land procurement stage with guidance on zoning and viability of land for development, the feasibility of the project and understanding development costs, right through the thoughtful design process to construction and then on to marketing and sales strategies, property styling, strata and registering new titles.

With our development super-team we have the resources, knowledge, experience and skills to offer as much (or as little) help as you desire.

“The great thing working with Highlife Homes is they partner with you, and they’re looking after the project as if it’s their own, and that’s really fantastic.

The easiest development I’ve ever done.”

Case Study

In 2018 we completed a 4 townhouses in Coolangatta for Michelle and Brad Cassidy. After completing a successful development project with Highlife Homes, Michelle shares her experience with us.

“We knew we were in good hands. Not only are they highly professional individuals, and excellent at craftsmanship, they’re actually great people.

They’re young, they’re energetic and they’re creative, and so that inspired me also being a young business person.”

Why Develop?


Investing in property has historically been an excellent and stable investment choice. The Gold Coast is consistently adding approximately 20,000 people every year,  and this shows no sign of letting up. As such, the city is a great place to consider developing property, for both immediate and long term benefits. So what can you gain as a residential developer?

Capital Growth

This is if you plan on keeping the development over a period of time and perhaps renting in the interim. Capital growth is when you see an increase in value over time

Immediate Return on Investment

If you plan on selling your townhouses at a profit immediately after the completion of construction you can make immediate profit.

Passive Income

If the property is positively geared, not only will you gain capital growth over time, but you will also gain a passive income from the rent which is great.


If you have a mortgage for your investment, this is when the value of your property becomes more than what you owe on the mortgage – this difference in value is then potentially usable for another investment.

“What a building experience! In the past 25 years I have built 2 family homes, 1 holiday home, 6 investment properties and 6 medium sized commercial properties and never had such a pleasant experience as working with James and his team from Highlife Homes.”

Ted & Elmarie Bouw – Homeowners, Property Investors and Developers

Simple From Start to Finish


Because we are an experienced duplex and townhouse development builder, we offer as much (or as little!) knowledge and assistance as you’d like to create the most successful development project possible.

Your success is our success and we would love to have you as a client for life, continuing to grow your portfolio of awesome residential development projects with us.


We can help with:

1. Where & What To Build

2. Feasibility: Knowing Your Costs

3. Design & Construction

4. Marketing & Sales

5. Title Registration & Handover

“Not only are they professional builders, they offered a fully integrated service, starting with Design Concept, Town Planning, Liaising with Architect, to Planning Approvals. And then they went on to build two absolutely beautiful townhouses.”

Cheryl & Rick Cadd – Property Developers