Why Build A Custom Home?

When deciding to build a new home there are two choices: Project Homes and Custom Homes. Project homes are pre-designed homes (whereby you can visit display homes and select which one you like).

As well as being beautifully designed to suit your needs, lifestyle and personal style, custom homes are often also superior in terms of comfort and functionality because they are designed specifically to the size, shape and direction of your block and take into account the arch of the sun to make the most of heat and light, as well as taking into account breezes to optimise air flow. When you purchase a custom home, you get a tailor made fit rather than a store bought item.


A custom home builder can design your house to maximise the benefits of your environment and minimise the downfalls of your environment. For example, living on the Gold Coast, you will want to take advantage of warm sun and cooling breezes, to achieve the greatest comfort through less use of energy and therefore less cost. Ideally, most home owners want to get plenty of sun in winter and, especially on the Gold Coast where it can get quite hot, not too much sun in the summer. Also, it’s important to be protected from strong chilly winds while still taking advantage of cool breezes (which can be an absolute blessing in the Queensland summer). A custom home builder can also take into account anything that may affect you in your immediate environment (e.g. minimising noise if you are close to a highway and getting the best street access for you if you are in a high traffic zone).


Often with large volume production builders, cost-effective trades are used and often this results in lesser quality workmanship which you can see in how areas of your home are finished off. Our tradespeople have been hand picked for their top quality workmanship, work ethic and pride and passion in their given trade. We have handpicked them to ensure that our homes are high quality and finished off beautifully. Also, you play an integral role in the selection of the materials and therefore know you are getting the quality that you desire. This is particularly important with luxury homes to ensure that your high-end standards and prestige lifestyle are being upheld.


When it comes time to sell your home and move on to the next phase of your life, having a custom home can be a great advantage. Firstly, because your home is unique rather than the same as the one (or many) down the street. Also, as mentioned above, often the workmanship in a custom home is of a higher quality and how your home is finished off will play an imperative role in influencing a potential buyer.


Custom homes are one of a kind. They are styled to your particular preferences and are based on your requirements. All rooms, open spaces and overall layout are all tailored specifically to you and your family, making for the ultimate daily living experience. You can set requirements for your builder to follow and you can be as involved as you wish in the design phase. All mod-cons are and fittings are also chosen based on your personal taste and needs (Click here to view the Highlife Homes photo gallery).

If you know that a custom home is right for you, contact your local independent Gold Coast custom home builder, Highlife Homes.

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