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13 June, 2023


Coastal Ceiling Details to Elevate Your Space


As Gold Coast property developers, one of our favourite design elements to bring in to our homes is feature ceilings. We have used them in different ways to suit different styles of homes and believe they are a great way to draw the eye up and make ceilings feel higher, as well as bring a lot of character to a space. Below are just some of the ways we like to use ceiling features to achieve a coastal aesthetic:

1. Raked Ceiling with VJ Cladding

At our Palmy Project we included raked ceilings in the master bedroom with VJ cladding leading the eye up to the centre. This also continued to the balcony outside. This created an awesome effect that made the room feel expansive and like a modern beach house. It also became the perfect base for an extra large rope pendant.

2. Timber Ceiling

Timber ceiling cladding is a go-to for our outdoor spaces. It creates a coastal vibe and helps to distinguish the outside living from the inside living. The lines of the cladding also help to make the space feel larger.

3. VJ Cladding with Battens

By adding some simple narrow battens to a classic VJ cladded ceiling further adds to the coastal feel. Our Harmoni on Hythe collection features this type of ceiling detail in all of the master bedrooms. Now who wouldn’t love for that to be the first thing you see when you wake up in the morning!

4. Skylights

When a skylight is installed in a space, you can’t imagine it not being there. It brings so much value with natural light and architectural interest. We love them in the bathroom, kitchen and in stairwells.

While this is just a snapshot of the types of ceiling details you can do, we feel that these ones truly ooze modern coastal living.

Throughout some of our Gold Coast properties for sale, we are playing with new ceiling details, including beams, so stay tuned!

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